Who Has The Highest IQ In The World?

During the existence of humankind, we can find a vast number of scientists with outstanding mental abilities who have made a great contribution to the development of science. But, who has the highest IQ? The answer to this question will allow you to understand which was smarter and who deserves more respect.

Features Of The IQ Test

Who has the highest IQ? Before answering this question, let’s figure out what an IQ test is and when it appeared.

So, IQ stands for intelligence quotient. It is an indicator that can calculate a person’s intelligence in numerical terms. It first appeared in 1916, and after that, it became very actively used. Today, there are many versions of this test, so it becomes difficult to determine the highest IQ because each gives a different result. One of the most famous tests is the Eysenck test. More accurate are the tests of:

  • Wexler;
  • Raven;
  • Amthauer;
  • RB Cattell.

There are now several reputable IQ tests that anyone can take. The average level is 120 – 140, and everything above speaks of incredible mental abilities.

Also, there is a problem, how to determine who has the highest IQ ever? The first test appeared only at the beginning of the 20th century. Nevertheless, many thinkers and scientists lived up to this moment. A developed technology now evaluates a human’s success, studies their scientific works, and tracks outstanding age abilities. Thanks to this technology, we can find out who has the highest IQ in the world.

Who Has The Highest IQ Ever?

Who has the highest IQ ever? It is believed that the person with the highest IQ level was the prodigy William James Sidis. He was a genius who began to speak at the age of 4 months; he wrote four books at 2. At 9, he successfully passed the university exams, but he was not taken due to emotional immaturity. Nevertheless, after two years, he still entered the university and became one of the most successful students.

The IQ level of William Sidis, according to various tests, was 250 – 300. No one living today had such a high indicator. However, the highest IQ did not bring happiness to the prodigy. He could not stand popularity and attention to his person, so after graduating from university, he constantly hid, lived under different names, and worked as an accountant in small firms. As soon as someone noticed his outstanding abilities, he immediately quit and moved.

Who has the highest IQ in the world among those who have dedicated their lives to science? Some studies show that Johann Goethe had one of the highest scores. Many people know him as a famous writer, but his talents do not end there. He has real works in physics and chemistry, which were ahead of their time several decades earlier. Moreover, he had a tremendous influence on other scientists, in particular on Albert Einstein.

Who Has The Highest IQ Alive Today?

Who has the highest IQ alive today? Christopher Hirata is one of the most intelligent people who now lives and is engaged in scientific activities. His IQ level is about 225. From an early age, he became interested in physics and, even at the age of 13, won the World Olympiad in this discipline. He is now a professor at one of the leading universities and collaborates with NASA on black hole research.

How to improve your IQ level?

If the IQ test showed you not the best result, then this is not a reason to be upset. Usually, phenomenal abilities are innate, and it is complicated to influence them. However, you can improve your IQ slightly if you improve your memory.

Improving the memory app is an excellent solution for those who want to become more successful at work and home. It is worth training every day for half an hour. You will notice the result within a few weeks. The main thing is to work hard and believe in a good result.


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