Why has there been an increase in relocating?

It is no surprise that people have been staying inside more recently, what with the coronavirus crisis encouraging many to work from home. This has caused people to reassess where they are living, and what they are looking to get out of their house, be it another room to work in, or a garden to enjoy time outside. So why has the pandemic made us re-evaluate everything that we seemed happy with before?

The home is a place where we are meant to feel safe from the outside world, and where we can come to relax after a day at work. The global pandemic has influenced peoples’ mental health over the last year as we dealt with uncertainty. Due to changing circumstances, many people have reflected on what they want out of their homes and may be looking for a property that meets their new needs. As home working continues to grow, it is now possible to look for houses in places that were otherwise considered too far out.

From needing a bigger office to surrounding themselves with certain colors and fabrics, people have turned their focus to their living spaces as a way of helping to maintain their physical and mental health.

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According to research carried out, more people are wanting to move to Cornwall than London, with many dreaming of country living, escaping the hustle and bustle of living in the city. With lockdowns restricting what people can and cannot do over the past year, rural life is looking more and more pleasurable for both single people as well as couples and families. This rush to relocate has made finding somewhere incredibly competitive, and with so much information at buyers’ fingertips, online auctions have played a big role in the marketplace.

For those looking to buy somewhere at an online auction, Trussle has all the information you need, from mortgage advice to a complete guide for first-time buyers. Buying a house at auction may seem like a bargain, but this may not always be the case. While there is less risk of panic buying, it’s still important for buyers to do due diligence and research the property as soon as an eye-catching house becomes available. There are eight additional days to exchange contracts than with traditional auctions, and a further 28 days to pay, meaning there is more time for buyers to secure their mortgage arrangements. However, it is always worth clarifying with a mortgage broker.

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While it’s no secret that living in the countryside can be better for people’s health than living in the city, the pandemic has definitely made finding a suitable house difficult. More and more people are looking to find somewhere that brings joy to their life, and this has made securing a perfect house much more difficult. However, with more workplaces considering remote working, or even going self-employed, people are less limited to staying in a certain location than before the pandemic hit.

While it can prove a challenge to secure a dream home, having the best insights and information can make it much easier than it seems.

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