Why You Need a Social Media Manager — 5 Top Reasons

Every brand needs a solid presence on social media — preferably, several platforms. Should you hire an agency or let your in-house staff take over? Either way, you cannot succeed without a dedicated manager.

These platforms connect a gigantic global audience. Facebook alone has 2.8 billion users. Without social media, potential for business growth is limited. Marketing professionals like Aitarget know all the ins and outs of this industry, peculiarities and pitfalls. Here are five reasons in favor of hiring a social media manager.

1. The Ever-Evolving Social Landscape 

This digital world is always in flux. Algorithms and policies are changing, and new trends are emerging all the time. An expert will not only monitor these developments and make informed predictions. They will also adjust your strategy and content quickly based on the updates. New information may prompt them to go back to the drawing board with your company and modify the objectives, the content, targeting, etc. 

2. You Need a Strategy

Brands cannot post in a completely random fashion. Anything you share on social media must be tied in with your overall strategy. An employee posting on a hunch will do a disservice to your company. 

Your strategy must be based on realistic, measurable, and actionable goals. Progress monitoring requires specific performance metrics. Strategizing requires a profound knowledge of the industry, as well as close communication with the staff responsible for marketing via other channels (email, TV, radio, etc.). The set-it-and-forget-it tactic is a recipe for disaster.

3. Protect Reputation And Help Customers

Social media managers constantly monitor messages, reviews and comments related to the brand they work for. They know how to conduct themselves representing your company, when and how to respond. An experienced professional is an asset, as he or she can mitigate and resolve difficult issues that may turn into a disaster otherwise. 

A qualified manager will give your brand an appropriate voice on social media, choosing a suitable and consistent language. The expert will cooperate with departments within the company, such as PR and customer support. They will also contribute to contingency plans designed to prevent social media crises.

4. Perspective – Inside & Out

Outsourcing your marketing may prove more cost-effective in comparison with hiring. The third-party manager will generate fresh ideas you would not have thought of. They will give you a new perspective, as they are not jaded by your corporate culture. Finally, these professionals have experience working with different brands. They know the best practices and methods for your industry.

On the other hand, in-house marketing has its advantages, too. After training, your employee will be able to promote your products based on deep knowledge of your company culture and internal processes. They will be able to brainstorm ideas within the brand boundaries.

5. Reporting & Tracking

A professional manager will not only take charge of your social media efforts. They will also keep your brand agile by changing objectives, content, or creatives if they see that your campaign is not bringing the expected results. Professionals monitor performance regularly using diverse analytics, turn off underperforming ads and bring the most impactful content to the forefront.

Final Words

These are the biggest advantages of professional social media marketing. Whether you outsource promotion or find an expert in-house, make sure your manager is qualified to take charge of your campaign. Lack of experience may cause embarrassing blunders and even damage your brand image.

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